Anti-cold hand treatments: how to fight chapping and redness

Anti-cold hand treatments: how to fight chapping and redness

Sumary of Anti-cold hand treatments: how to fight chapping and redness:

  • Specific hand treatments against the cold – iO Donna Easy to say “hand cream “.
  • Sometimes, however, something more is needed to make them soft, plump and smooth, also contrasting the signs of aging.
  • Here are the specific treatments to do at home or in the Spa by Eleonora Gionchi Exposed to all bad weather, cold, wind, ice, sun, and continually rubbed against fabrics, especially wool, hands with low temperatures are put to the test .
  • Cracks and redness are the order of the day in this period.
  • To run for cover, literally, you don’t just need the right cream to apply several times a day but something more.
  • As specific treatments, to be done on your sofa or even in the Spa for a moment all to yourself, masks, wraps and serums designed specifically for the extremities.
  • Hand treatments against low temperatures, the best Thermal shock, understood as low external temperatures, thermal changes but also too high heating or a particularly dry environment, frequent washing with both soap and disinfectant solutions as well as rubbing on the fabrics, cause skin dryness.
  • Manicured hands does not mean they are soft and hydrated but also uniform in the complexion (Instagram / @ sarasampaio) The hydrolipidic film, that is the protective film of the skin, is depleted of all the nutrients making the hands appear damaged.

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