Kind Treatments to Knock Out winter redness and irritation

Kind Treatments to Knock Out winter redness and irritation

Sumary of Kind Treatments to Knock Out winter redness and irritation:

  • Cold, wind and lack of humidity are among the main causes of dry skin in this period of the year.
  • When temperatures decrease, in fact, the activity of the sebaceous glands slows down and the skin resorts to vasoconstriction in order not to disperse the heat outside.
  • This is why it starts to stretch due to the loss of fluids and elasticity, and rough, red and chapped areas appear.
  • The Gentle Aesthetic Medicine Approach So changing your home beauty routine and setting it to “winter” may not be enough.
  • Since we are approaching the so-called days of the blackbird, 29, 30 and 31 January, or those in which the temperatures are at the absolute minimum terms of the year, we must run for cover to save the skin stressed by redness, couperose, irritation, cracking and dryness.
  • But do not panic because we are talking about light and absolutely non-invasive treatments that allow you to act constantly and effectively on the usual routine to keep skin that is always young and elastic, respecting natural beauty.
  • This is why we talk about gentle aesthetic medicine, that is a medicine at the service of well-being that ethically seeks to obtain a psychophysical improvement that also has a positive influence on mental health and mood.
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