Valentine’s Day manicure: ideas and inspirations for “in love” nails

Valentine’s Day manicure: ideas and inspirations for “in love” nails

Sumary of Valentine’s Day manicure: ideas and inspirations for “in love” nails:

  • Valentine’s nails 2022: black, red or gel – iO Donna Hearts drawn on milky pinks and bright reds are the most popular, but nude looks great on Valentine’s Day nails, especially for those waiting for an important gift.
  • So many ideas to copy by Antonella Rossi It is again that time of year when there is a heart everywhere you turn, including manicure: Valentine’s nails for 2022 focus on this great classic, the quintessential symbol of love.
  • declined in many variations and different colors.
  • Valentine’s nails: triumph of hearts The passion for hearts, after all, knows no crisis, as demonstrated by the manicurists of the stars, among the first to propose them for Valentine’s nails.
  • The manicures with hearts are among the most popular on social networks for Valentine’s Day 2022 © Instagram.
  • One above all, Tom Bachik, who takes care (among others) of Jennifer Lopez’s hands: already at the end of January on her Instagram account she had fished out a manicure made some time before for Lana Condor: milky white base and bright pink hearts on three nails, simple and very portable compared to other “too much” solutions that are seen online.
  • Hearts on a light pink base and almond shape, on the other hand, for Valentina Ferragni, who has already entered the Valentine’s Day mood a few weeks ago with a very romantic manicure.
  • A minimal trend that pleases and convinces, thanks also to its relative ease of execution.

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