husky pays homage to king charles iii and queen elizabeth

Husky pays homage to King Charles III and Queen Elizabeth

Sumary of Husky pays homage to King Charles III and Queen Elizabeth:

  • Meanwhile, Saverio Moschillo shows the rest of the new collection with some pride.
  • The American aviator Steve Gulyas and his wife Edna invented the hacking jacket in 1965.
  • The faces of King Charles III and Queen Elizabeth were airbrushed as murals on two Husky riding jackets.
  • Let’s not forget that opposing realities coexisted in London since the 1970s, such as the monarchy with its rigid protocol and the punk movement, rebellious to all conventions .
  • Airbrushing is a pictorial art form mainly used to customize car bodies, jackets and motorcycle helmets.
  • The two jackets are decorated with the faces of the two sovereigns, reworked as murals, with the spray technique of areography, which thus transforms them into two works of street art.
  • Monarchy and airbrushing – explains Alessandra Moschillo – seems a jarring combination, but it is typically English.

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