im not the only one paralympian jaleen roberts is changing the conversation on mental health

“I’m Not the Only One”: Paralympian Jaleen Roberts Is Changing the Conversation on Mental Health

Sumary of “I’m Not the Only One”: Paralympian Jaleen Roberts Is Changing the Conversation on Mental Health:

  • There was the physical wear and tear of training for an extra year, resulting in injuries and issues like Overtraining Syndrome, which forced swimmer Simone Manuel from the pool for three weeks before Olympic Trials.
  • Mentally, since the COVID-19 postponement, “many athletes have spent more time than ever in their heads,” said Sean McCann, PhD, senior Sports psychologist for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC).
  • I just wanted what I was experiencing to go away.” Rediscovering Her Reason For Track The Paralympics postponement was a “huge, huge contributor” to Roberts’s mental health problems last year, she said.
  • Roberts also wants to be an example and a confidante for people with disabilities who struggle with mental health.
  • She and her psychiatrist changed her medications, and despite the “ups and downs,” Roberts said she’s been feeling good since.”If I have to be the first one to tell my story and be vulnerable with people that I don’t even know, then that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.” Mental health journeys aren’t linear, and Roberts, who officially qualified for the 2021 Paralympic Games in June, said she’s still trying to figure out her own routine.
  • Over the last year especially, he’s encouraged athletes to prioritize sleep, develop a structure for each day, accept their emotions, and take advantage of Team USA resources like a registry of mental health professionals and an around-the-clock support line.
  • McCann explained, and not every mental health issue has to do with sport.

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