meghan markle with veil and gloves at the queens mortuary she wears mourning jewels

Meghan Markle with veil and gloves: at the queen’s mortuary she wears “mourning jewels”

Sumary of Meghan Markle with veil and gloves: at the queen’s mortuary she wears “mourning jewels”:

  • Meghan Markle in Givenchy at the Queen’s funeral Why pearls are granted at the funeral Meghan Markle was in Europe on the day of Elizabeth II’s death: she and Prince Harry reached London, where she will remain until after the funeral.
  • Elegant, but not flashy, pearls have been considered mourning jewelry since the time of Queen Victoria.
  • She too, like the rest of the family, will observe a period of close mourning in which she has also suspended the release of her podcast on Spotify.
  • She with sobriety and elegance she paid homage to the deceased sovereign.
  • In these days the word of obligation is sobriety: in Westminster Meghan Markle has decided to reduce her jewels to a minimum, wearing only a pair of pearl and diamond earrings.
  • The so-called white jewels are also the most suitable for funeral ceremonies: pearls are the jewels of the brides, but they also represent tears.
  • Meghan Markle with the veil at Westminster Hall The dress code for funeral celebrations does not allow much to the imagination: rigorous black, sober dresses without necklines, legs veiled by stockings even in summer.

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