prince william incognito for charity with hat and uniform he works undercover

Prince William incognito for charity: with hat and uniform he works “undercover”

Sumary of Prince William incognito for charity: with hat and uniform he works “undercover”:

  • Citizens, however, did not take long to recognize him and did not hesitate to take advantage of his incredible availability to ask him for photos and selfies.
  • Prince William temporarily said goodbye to elegant and formal suits: for a charity project In the streets of London he appeared incognito with a vest and hat but the citizens recognized him immediately.
  • Why Prince William worked undercover Prince William turned 40 two days ago and decided to celebrate the anniversary with a special event: he worked undercover for The Big Issue, a company that aims to help the British homeless .
  • In the last few hours, however, he has made an exception and has shown himself in public.
  • He then tried to disguise himself in the red vest and hat with matching cap, both decorated with the charity’s logo, but Londoners recognized him immediately.
  • The casual look of Prince William For the first time, Prince William left his formal clothes at home, appearing incognito in a casual version.
  • It is a tribute to her mother, Princess Diana, who has always had charitable and humanitarian causes at heart as long as she was alive.

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