princess charlotte wears black for the first time with her hat at the queens funeral

Princess Charlotte wears black for the first time: with her hat at the queen’s funeral

Sumary of Princess Charlotte wears black for the first time: with her hat at the queen’s funeral:

  • Charlotte of Cambridge dresses like her mother Kate Middleton For many days we wondered whether the children of Kate and William, now princes of Cambridge and Cornwall, would attend the funeral or not.
  • For the occasion the girl wore black, as she wants the occasion and she wore a hat with a ribbon.
  • The daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton entered Westminster Abbey giving her hand to her mother Princess and her little brother George, now second in line for the throne.
  • For the princes it is the first funeral they attend: they were not present at the funeral of great-grandfather Filippo.
  • Activate the notifications to receive updates on The death of Queen Elizabeth II ACTIVATE THE UPDATES Her presence was not at all obvious, but in the end little Charlotte of Cambridge made her entrance to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the great-grandmother who disappeared at the age of 96 .
  • Kate Middleton with her daughter Charlotte We are used to the funny expressions of little Charlotte, considered the liveliest of siblings: today instead, as the occasion requires, she appeared composed and serious, impeccable already at 7 years old with a rigid brimmed hat and a ribbon that falls on her blond hair.
  • In the end, it was understandably chosen to leave only the youngest, Louis, at home and to bring the older brothers.

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