Q-pot. “Aladdin” “Genie” cookie-like accessories & “Jasmine” macaron-style necklace

Sumary of Q-pot. “Aladdin” “Genie” cookie-like accessories & “Jasmine” macaron-style necklace:

  • The adorable figure of stealing by wrapping his tail dexterously is expressed with gold-colored earrings.
  • Entertainer Genie, who is good at transformations and jokes, appears as a necklace and bag charm.
  • The bag charm and necklace are set with a heart-shaped macaron sandwiched with purple cream in a turquoise macaron cock, and the pierced earrings and earrings are set with whipped cream with a three-dimensional effect.
  • Jasmine Macaron-style bag charm Jasmine Macaron necklace 15,400 yen, bag charm 13,200 yen Jasmine cream earrings, earrings (pair) 11,000 yen each Accessories inspired by the beautiful princess Jasmine living in the palace of Agrabah are bag charms, necklaces, earrings, earrings.

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