q pot obake chan cake style accessories ghost necklace with teacup

Q-pot. “Obake-chan” cake-style accessories, ghost necklace with teacup

Sumary of Q-pot. “Obake-chan” cake-style accessories, ghost necklace with teacup:

  • You can also add a cup and saucer table charm or a mirror charm to arrange it freely.
  • An accessory reminiscent of the “Fluffy Floating Ghost-chan Plate” provided by.
  • The teacup comes in two colors, strawberry macaron and mint macaron, but you can also enjoy it by replacing the white charm (sold separately).
  • “Trick Ghost” necklace with macaron bites Trick Ghost His tea time necklace set * With special package 24,200 yen On the same day, a macaron version will join the popular Halloween series “Trick Ghost”.
  • Based on the unique setting of picking up macaroons before the party, a necklace with a ghost motif that allows you to see through the macarons in your stomach will be developed.

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