the genetic heritage of act n 1

The genetic heritage of Act N ° 1

Sumary of The genetic heritage of Act N ° 1:

  • An important novelty is the launch of the shoe collection, with a diagonal metal graphic detail mounted on mules, sandals and décolleté, which guarantees stability to the shoe.
  • As a decorative element, large chains and metal knots, to give that touch The color palette starts from classic blacks to reach beige and brown combined with bright shades – green, pink, orange -, up to the range of light blue and blue royal.
  • A concept that is expressed in the show through the elements of Traditional Chinese Opera, known to the world for the richness of the costumes, the essentiality of the scenographic contribution Given the scarcity of scenographic elements, the costumes in the Opera have a great importance both for the bright colors both for rich embroidery, as well as for the typical make-up, called lianpu, which interpret the personality of the individual through the use of three colors – red, white of the time that speaks of the past in order to influence the future, which sometimes translates into a series of selected looks characterized by the application of Casio Vintage watches, which also in this case present as a sort of armor.
  • For spring-summer 2023 Galib Gassanoff and Luca Lin, the creative duo behind the Act N ° 1 brand, emphasize the search for the inner and forbidden self, starting from the mask that is used for self-defense or as a face for various occasions.

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