With exclusive technology, Malwee Kids launches a collection of jeans made to play

Sumary of With exclusive technology, Malwee Kids launches a collection of jeans made to play:

  • New Malwee Kids collection – Promotion There are 19 pieces, including pants (jogger and skinny), shorts, shorts, short-skirts, overalls, salopete and jacket entirely produced in denim knit, resulting in a line of children’s clothing that preserves aesthetics, beauty and versatility of traditional jeans with The entire concept of the collection was designed to provide children with the freedom they need to run, jump and play and, for caregivers, an easier time of composing stylish looks and with exclusive technology from the Malwee Group, and all parts are free of chemicals harmful to the environment and the human body such as permanganate.
  • In the traditional processes of manufacturing jeans, an average of 80 to 100 liters of water are used to make just one pair of pants; however, in the Lab Malwee Jeans, only 300 ml are needed – the equivalent of a glass of water.
  • For the launch of the Jeans Pra Brincar collection, the brand invited the father and lead singer of the band Jota Quest, Rogério Flausino, who stars in the collection’s communication campaign.
  • The children, comments  Nataly Camillo, Marketing Coordinator at Malwee Kids.
  • Jeans because they are uncomfortable and often limit movement during play.
  • With that in mind, Malwee Kids presents the collection Jeans Pra Brincar, which has just arrived at the brand’s stores, from the Aqui Tem Malwee chain.

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