Spring 2022 “Flower Cosmetics Special” Petal Lip & Flower Cheek, Cherry Blossom Body Care, etc.

spring 2022 flower cosmetics special petal lip flower cheek cherry blossom body care etc

Sumary of Spring 2022 “Flower Cosmetics Special” Petal Lip & Flower Cheek, Cherry Blossom Body Care, etc.:

  • >> Click here for details Jill Stuart Beauty, 5 colors of “transparent petals” color eye shadow from left) Jill Stuart Bloom Couture Eyes 07,08 (limited color) 6,380 yen each JILL STUART Beauty is pretty Released a new eye shadow with a cute flower motif.
  • The palette, which looks like a “single flower,” features four petal colors that are soft and transparent, and one shimmer bright color that gives a soft glow and tone-up.
  • >> Click here for details Jill Stuart Beauty, cherry-colored lip with “Yae-zakura” motif Jill Stuart Sakura Buke My Lips 01 3,080 yen Don’t miss the tint trip with “Yae-zakura” as a motif of JILL STUART Beauty.
  • >> Click here for details Clarins, Asian flower “Tenjin Hana” Limited “Comfort Lip Oil” Comfort Lip Oil Shimmer 09 Rose Petal 7g 3,520 yen Clarins’ popular lip oil “Comfort Lip Oil” From the series, a limited edition color inspired by the Asian plant “Tenjin Hana” that blooms in spring is now available.
  • >> Click here for details Parado “Sakura-colored” lipstick Parado Sakuravale Lip PK05 Happy plump cherry-colored limited color 1 color 990 yen “Sakura-colored” lipstick is now available from ParaDo.
  • The slightly yellowish pink color “PK05 Happy Plump Cherry Blossom” adds a natural complexion and gives a plump mouth with a plump effect.
  • Release date: January 19, 2022 (Wednesday) Limited quantity release * Ends as soon as it runs out >> Click here for details Bobbi Brown, 5 colors of “cherry blossom petal color” Eye Pare Petal Wash Eyeshadow Palette 6,600 yen Bobbi Brown (Limited) BOBBI BROWN) has released a limited edition eyeshadow palette inspired by cherry blossom petals.
  • “Sakura Fufufu His Body Whipped Mousse”, a foamy milky lotion for the body that can create a “cherry shape” with plenty of surprise, is also recommended as a spring gift.

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