Cosmetic remedies to combat the heat in summer

cosmetic remedies to combat the heat in summer

Sumary of Cosmetic remedies to combat the heat in summer:

  • Some beauty advice against the summer heat, from thermal sprays to refreshing and detox wraps by Francesca Marotta To counteract the summer heat, cosmetics are also needed, especially those with a cold effect.
  • Cosmetic remedies to fight the heat – iO Woman The heat?
  • “They provide for the use of special anaelastic and phlebological bandages subjected to a process of maceration and heating with a specific cocktail of salts (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium chloride and zinc sulphate) reduced to particularly active ions that restore correct circulation in fabrics »explains Germana Guarino of Riducella Metodo Hanni Glatt.
  • Facial skincare with water refill effect Every day, the choice of cosmetic is crucial to guaranteeing a pleasant long-lasting ice effect.
  • These are professional aesthetic protocols with a precise process.
  • The increase in temperatures, in hot days, causes physical discomfort that affects everyone.
  • Against the heat Even the thermal sprays represent a sort of immediate relief to be given several times a day, from head to toe.

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