Eye patch, the SOS remedy for dark circles and bags in 10 minutes

Eye patch, the SOS remedy for dark circles and bags in 10 minutes

Sumary of Eye patch, the SOS remedy for dark circles and bags in 10 minutes:

  • Perfect allies for a shock treatment by Eleonora Gionchi Comfortable, practical, almost magical wands for the gaze, the eye patches are the beauty remedy par excellence when you sleep little Ergonomic and easy to apply, they adhere perfectly to the skin and are a real treatment SOS: it only takes 10 minutes for an anti-fatigue shock action.
  • Eye contour, an extremely delicate area The use of eye patches is not just a star’s habit, quite the opposite.
  • Anti-dark circles and bags patches: what they contain To ensure the effectiveness of eye patches there are specific ingredients: caffeine and ginseng to activate local microcirculation, vitamin C for a boost of brightness, hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and collagen to compact, elasticise and lift where it is needed.
  • In addition to the signs of fatigue, the problem of this area of ​​the face is skin aging: as evidenced by a research conducted by Shiseido during the lockdown, moments of strong stress age the eyes as soon as they are over 25 years old.
  • Dark circles and bags patches: the best even in pharmacies – iO Donna Small, ergonomic and fast, the eye patches fight all imperfections around the eyes, from dark circles to bags, to the signs of aging.
  • Eye patches, what they are for Evolution of the classic face masks, eye patches are the beauty secret of many women, as confirmed by Gwyneth Paltrow: her beauty secret pre red carpet and photo shoot are Jillian’s Hydrating Eye Mask eye patches Dempsey, also available on Amazon.
  • Instagram @ cindycrawford Formulated in natural fibers such as biocellulose from biotechnology, the anti-dark circle patches are designed to quickly deliver beneficial ingredients to the eye area.

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