From Gigi Hadid to Ariana Grande: the stars in #nomakeup version

From Gigi Hadid to Ariana Grande: the stars in #nomakeup version

Sumary of From Gigi Hadid to Ariana Grande: the stars in #nomakeup version:

  • Her soap and water face, without a trace of makeup, is accompanied by a glow that would make JLo envious, who in turn again displaces the followers with her face as an eternal girl completely removed.
  • There are many divas who, loose ultra glam pickups and undressed lacquered lips, post natural shots, to the cry of an idea of ​​authentic beauty, which does not fear judgments and goes beyond the usual stereotypes.
  • More and more stars who, between a red carpet and another, between a change of dress and a spectacular hairstyle, do not fail to show their more genuine side, often homely, and undoubtedly less glossy.
  • During the most difficult months of the pandemic, selfies and soap and water shots populated the profiles, recounting a life far from the spotlight and red carpets, yet, even today, that subtle #makeupfree mania does not seem to have completely extinguished.
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  • Also beautiful Amber Heard, who for some time now has begun to rattle on social shots #nomakeup and then Ariana Grande, who has abandoned the typical of her for a selfie with an almost angelic, sweet face, which has brought home the general applause of fans.
  • In one of her video tutorials for JLo Beauty she sports an ultra bright and smooth complexion.

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