Intimate skincare, how to take care of zone V, without taboos

intimate skincare how to take care of zone v without taboos

Sumary of Intimate skincare, how to take care of zone V, without taboos:

  • Credits: Instagram @gwynethpaltrow In fact, according to the survey they conducted, 100% of the interviewees have suffered, at least once in their life, from some intimate ailment.
  • Yet, it is very trendy Although it is talked about more and more and it is a very publicized topic (one case, the famous candle This smells like my vagina by Gwyneth Paltrow), skincare or intimate beauty care still remains a rather taboo topic in Italy.
  • This is attested by the latest survey conducted by the beauty tech company Eco
  • Fortunately, things are changing and there is much more information.
  • Today, V-Beauty, the vaginal beauty and wellness routine, represents something unknown for 8 out of 10 women, more precisely, “for 81.1% of Italians, who do not feel comfortable talking about genitals feminine and does not take proper care of them “.
  • Intimate skincare, how to take care of the V-iO Woman zone Due to insecurity, preconceptions and little information, the topic of V-Beauty is still hazy for many women.
  • “It is recommended to cleanse the area with movements that go from top to bottom, so as not to drag additional bacteria from other delicate areas.

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