9 books to understand the origin of your anxiety

Sumary of 9 books to understand the origin of your anxiety:

  • In the book, the author, together with Guido, a funny little man in the shape of a steering wheel, in fact leads readers to the discovery of different psychological areas, from self-esteem to emotional intelligence, passing through self-sabotage and of course anxiety.
  • If before facing an exam or an important job interview, feeling anxiety is therefore absolutely normal, there are times when instead this activation of the organism occurs even in the face of situations that do not constitute a real danger but that send us into the panic How then can we learn to manage this emotion in moments when it seems to get out of control?
  • Or Anxiety: How to get out of the cage and recover your life, a book written by Giampaolo Perna, psychiatrist of the Center for Personalized Medicine for Anxiety and Panic Disorders Help also comes from those who have tried on their own skin what it means to experience symptoms of an anxiety disorder or attack
  • “If anxiety had Instagram – writes the author in a passage of the book – she would have more followers than Justin Bieber: she is the real influencer of our life, able to make us completely lose control” Precisely for this reason some of the suggested exercises in the volume they have the purpose of helping the reader to focus on their anxiety, starting from a fundamental premise: to manage it it is important to make friends, become familiar and welcome it.
  • Although, in some situations, it seems to take over against our will, anxiety itself is an adaptive emotion with a very specific purpose: not to ruin our life, as often happens when we cannot manage it, but to activate the organism when a situation is perceived as dangerous.
  • If the impact of anxiety is so strong that it limits daily life, the first advice is to ask for help and consult a specialist, otherwise a useful cue as a support can come from reading.
  • There are also several books dedicated to anxiety and advice to learn how to deal with it, signed by psychologists and psychotherapists.

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