9 collector’s editions of the Kamasutra

Sumary of 9 collector’s editions of the Kamasutra:

  • Men and women are also identified with the names of different animals, such as hares, bulls or horses, based on the intensity of their desire but also on the size of their genitals.
  • In fact, the term Kamasutra refers to a Sanskrit text that represents the oldest and most important essay on ars amatoria that India has handed down to us.
  • In fact, the author identifies 8 ways of making love and for each of these, 8 different positions.
  • According to Indian culture, Kama would be, together with religious duty and the activities of practical life, one of the main values ​​of existence.
  • According to this philosophy, in fact, sexual pleasure is a fundamental part of individual well-being, an essential component of life.
  • Only a small part of the treatise, which is divided into 7 books and 36 chapters, is therefore specifically dedicated to ars amatoria and specifically It is 64 positions and this for a very specific reason.
  • In the original text, the author thus speaks of the ethical principles underlying the relationship, with the aim of showing women and men how to behave in the face of sexual desire in order to lead a satisfying love life.

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