Anti-cellulite massager, how to choose the right one

Sumary of Anti-cellulite massager, how to choose the right one:

  • Alternatively, there are plastic or silicone versions capable of embracing the entire circumference of the thigh, which allow you to exert constant pressure without effort.
  • The silicone cups Made of medical silicone, they act as a suction cup sucking the skin and thus allowing a sucking action that acts in a targeted way on the cushions and localized stagnation.
  • The benefits will be found not only in the appearance of the skin but also in the improvement of heat-related discomfort such as swelling and heaviness of the extremities.
  • It starts from the ankles and goes up, with circular movements, up to the thighs to stimulate the elimination of liquids.
  • Provided you use it consistently: only by exploiting its benefits every day (or almost) will it be possible to see substantial changes.
  • Wooden or plastic rollers Maderotherapy is a procedure that uses wooden instruments to stimulate circulation and carry out a draining effect in a non-aggressive way: similar to rolling pins, just pass them on the legs and abdomen to act on the adipose accumulations.
  • They can be used on dry skin even if those suffering from capillary fragility would do better to use them in the shower, after applying a shower gel that facilitates the sliding.

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