Antipodice Summer 22 Skin Care, “Mandarin & Vanilla Fragrance” Water Cream, etc.

Sumary of Antipodice Summer 22 Skin Care, “Mandarin & Vanilla Fragrance” Water Cream, etc.:

  • “Diem C Water Cream” Antipodies Diem C Water Cream 60mL 6,380 yen “Diem C Water Cream” is a new water cream that treats the dullness of the skin caused by dryness and prepares one-tone bright and healthy skin.
  • Contains naturally derived ingredients that lead to beautiful skin, such as Kakadu plum, which has a high content of natural vitamin C, lotus fluffer that balances sebum on the skin, and hibiscus flower that cares for dead skin cells, and prepares healthy skin.
  • The key ingredients that we are particular about are a well-balanced blend of peptides, which are skin conditioning ingredients, vegetable hyaluronic acid, which is a moisturizing ingredient, next-generation retinol, and bakuchiol, which is a topical plant-derived aging care ingredient.
  • Antipodes’ summer 2022 skin care products include the new cream “Diem C Water Cream” and the gel cleanser “Gospel Glow Skin C Gel Cleanser”.
  • “Gospel Glow Skin C Gel Cleanser” Antipodies Gospel Glow Skin C Gel Cleanser 200mL 4,620 yen On the other hand, “Gospel Glow Skin C Gel Cleanser” cares for dullness and roughness caused by the old stratum corneum of the skin and leads to bright skin.

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