castor oil is good for eyelashes and eyebrows and more

Castor oil is good for eyelashes and eyebrows (and more)

Sumary of Castor oil is good for eyelashes and eyebrows (and more):

  • Demonstrated actions of castor oil Beyond belief, the properties of this substance are essentially restructuring and polishing.
  • One of the most popular eyelash care remedies is extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant, and is called castor oil.
  • «It is very rich in omega 6 and 9, essential fatty acids very similar to the keratin constituting the structure of men’s eyelashes, eyebrows, hair and beard.
  • This substance is used as an aroma and, now more rarely, in perfumery “, explains Corrado Pifano, chemist Used in the past as a laxative and purgative (a treatment that is no longer in use), the precious vegetable oil, on the other hand, is back in vogue because it has widespread belief that it favors regrowth.
  • Therefore, it does not intervene on the roots or on the growth phases, but has a real action on the lengths, providing structure, thickness and elasticity.
  • For these reasons it is useful as a reinforcer in case of thinness, fragility, tendency to break “, explains the chemist.” It also has filming and laminating properties: it envelops the lengths, smoothing them and retains hydration.
  • «The reason is linked to its consistency: it is fluid and viscous and is very reminiscent of that of animal origin obtained from the perianal glands, called castoreum, of the beaver.

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