Cellulite: the last minute program of 15 days

Sumary of Cellulite: the last minute program of 15 days:

  • Which is initially spread with fast and delicate circular movements, performed with an open hand, always starting from the ankle and going up to the buttock; c.
  • One of the most tested systems is by Elancyl, who has developed a handpiece equipped with very very particular rollers, because it is filled with a specific gel
  • To promote absorption, surround the ankle with both hands and go up to the thigh while maintaining a gentle but regular pressure.
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  • An extra help from anti-cellulite tools To improve the absorption of draining and reducing cosmetics, specific anti-cellulite massagers come in handy.
  • Continue with the application of another dose of product where necessary, which must be absorbed with circular and rapid strokes; And.
  • They give immediate but transitory results and are an excellent solution to alleviate the sense of fatigue in heavy legs when, in addition to cellulite, there is also a problem of slowed venous return », explains the expert.

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