Chanel Beauty, visiting the Camelia Farm in Gaujacq with Claudia Ciocca

Sumary of Chanel Beauty, visiting the Camelia Farm in Gaujacq with Claudia Ciocca:

  • Advanced’s favorite flower) Then, Nicola Fuzzati – Director of Innovation and Development of Cosmetic Ingredients – tells us that the ability of camellias to maintain their beauty unchanged even in conditions hostile derives from the fact that they are rich in catechins and polyphenols, with marked moisturizing properties.
  • You are among the first to see it and, not without emotion, you cannot help but ask yourself: How is it that I feel like a wet chick and these delicate flowers challenge the climate with their perfection?
  • ” writes Claudia Ciocca, beauty expert and influencer, traveling with Chanel Beauty.
  • Advance) At this point you also realize why Chanel has decided to make it a botanical treasure, so much so that it has begun to cultivate it, right here in Gaujacq.
  • Claudia Ciocca at Chanel Camelia Farm holding a camellia, Coco
  • Advini) Chanel Camelia Farm is a farm that not only saved the Camellia Japonica Alba Plena from extinction, but that immediately distinguished itself also for the vision under which it was conceived: a model of sustainability that squeezes the eye to Jean Thoby’s belief that “plants will save humanity”.
  • Innovative who has obtained the highest HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale) certification and which contributes to the preservation of biodiversity, so much so that it has favored the reappearance of a protected species, the licena of the marshes.

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