did you work during the holidays you may have guilty vacation syndrome

Did you work during the holidays? You may have Guilty Vacation Syndrome

Sumary of Did you work during the holidays? You may have Guilty Vacation Syndrome:

  • It is well known that it is essential to take breaks from work to unplug and recharge, to take personal time to prevent the accumulation of stress in the workplace from causing more serious long-term effects; like burnout.
  • Continuing to work in a period specially reserved for holidays can in fact create serious problems.
  • What drives us to open the computer to check e-mails instead of enjoying the days of rest in the company of friends or family?
  • But what are the social and psychological factors that push people to work even during their long-awaited beach holiday?
  • Guilty Vacation Syndrome kept us glued to our devices while we were on vacation, thus giving us a vacation that most likely did us more harm than good.
  • READ ALSO: All the symptoms that tell you if you are at risk of “burnout” (and what to do in this case) Enjoying your holidays therefore improves well-being in the round.
  • Of the work in which we find ourselves today does nothing but glorify the continuous overload Although in fact all professionals are technically able to clock the time card at normal hours or take days off, with an “always-on” approach, as they say.

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