eye make up the siren eyes trend to enlarge the look 1

Eye make-up: the “Siren Eyes” trend to enlarge the look

Sumary of Eye make-up: the “Siren Eyes” trend to enlarge the look:

  • Coined by the influencer and model Danielle Marcan, #sireneyes is the make-up that helps to give sensuality to one’s eyes and place it at the center of make-up.
  • Siren Eyes: eyeliner and mermaid eye pencils Evolution of the classic cat-eyes, siren eyes are becoming popular on TikTok, conquering summer and also preparing for autumn.
  • How to draw the mermaid look Let’s start with a certainty.
  • Eyes further enhances their already naturally elongated gaze.
  • We proceed by drawing an elongated line that must start from the most suitable point: for small eyes it is in the center of the eyelid, to be emphasized first with a nude eyeliner so as to further open the gaze as explained by Carolina Dali, an influencer who is also passionate about this make-up.
  • And in addition to lengthening, they enlarge and lift the gaze giving an unprecedented lifting effect.
  • If, on the other hand, the eyes are close together, work is also done on the inner corner, applying eyeliner on the upper eyelid while on the lower one a light eyeshadow, perhaps champagne, to illuminate the area.

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