fabiola baglieri from tiktok to the red carpet in venice

Fabiola Baglieri, from TikTok to the red carpet in Venice

Sumary of Fabiola Baglieri, from TikTok to the red carpet in Venice:

  • For the 79th Venice Film Festival, however, she allowed herself an exception: being herself for the first red carpet of her life.
  • Before reminding me of her age, I ask her how she prepared her skin for the red carpet, after all, the stars are known for hiring skincare gurus who with manual massages and the latest technologies that illuminate and relax the face.
  • Excited, needless to say for a girl used to showing herself mainly through TikTok, which puts a filter on the real world.
  • As for the colors, we have chosen the classics: black, brown with a shimmer effect and transitional neutrals.
  • The make-up look created by Luca Cianciolo «Luca created a smokey eyes that exalted my big eyes even more.
  • And so, Fabiola, born in 2003, born in Latina and flew to Los Angeles where she is studying acting, she too arrived in Venice, for the red carpet of the film Saint Omer, as a talent made up by Clinique.
  • We are used to seeing her as a daughter of Mr. Bean or a Kendall Jenner lookalike.

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