Face yoga, how to practice lifting face massage at home

Sumary of Face yoga, how to practice lifting face massage at home:

  • Following the Langer Lines Discovered in the nineteenth century by Karl Langer, an Austrian anatomist, the Langer Lines are points of tension of the epidermis where the identified facial muscle bands are located Performing the massage following them helps to tone, stimulate the collagen fibers and microcirculation to make the skin firmer and reduce swelling.
  • Credits: Instagram @jessicachastain Starting from the beginning, it is best to do face yoga in the evening, after the routine is over.
  • Before starting, it is better to have an oily product spread on the face so as to slide your fingers or the tool better.
  • To perform a good lifting effect face protocol, your fingers are enough or you can use the gua sha or the jade roller for a more intense effect.
  • And the holidays are the ideal time to try it by Eleonora Gionchi Holidays equal more time to dedicate to yourself: why not try to practice face yoga?
  • The same movement can also be done starting from the sides of the mouth and nose, always up to the hair.
  • This particular massage can also be performed in the morning as soon as you wake up in order to stimulate circulation.

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