Heidi Klum topless gorgeous (aged 49): “I’m too hot”

Sumary of Heidi Klum topless gorgeous (aged 49): “I’m too hot”:

  • The daily discipline obviously also concerns diet, which for her has necessarily evolved with age.
  • The German-born star shows an anti-gravity topless, her physique is practically the same as her modeling beginnings thanks to daily training and outdoor activities (when she is in America she relies on the celebrity trainer David Kirsch).
  • To face the very hot summer 2022, the former Victoria’s Secret angel chooses a monokini with laces.
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  • On vacation in the mountains with her husband (younger than 16 years), Heidi Klum shows her strategy for managing the anomalous heat wave even at high altitude.
  • Between trips on the trails and pit stops on the farm to milk the cows, you could not miss… the souvenir photo in a bathing suit.
  • While Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba tour ancient churches in Rome, the supermodel and presenter chooses the mountains and shares her adventures with her 32-year-old husband (guitarist of the band Tokio Hotel) Tom Kaulitz with 9.7 million fans.

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