how to control your breath to manage unexpected emotions

How to control your breath to manage “unexpected” emotions

Sumary of How to control your breath to manage “unexpected” emotions:

  • The three steps of work: body, breath and meditation The first work is to be done on the body, with asanas (comfortable positions) to make it strong and flexible.
  • The second step concerns pranayama, (prana means energy, vital breath, while ayama means extension or expansion), breath control, and works on the nervous system.
  • We can also move the energy inside our body and relieve pain.
  • Asanas have a therapeutic function, so the practice must be identified according to what you need, customizing the positions in case of back pain, sciatica, postural or mobility problems or recovery from injury, for example for athletes .
  • We live in a very fast-paced world, and the practice of yoga offers us the possibility to soften the body, to breathe in a controlled way and to slow down thoughts.
  • By breathing deeply and slowly, we can slow down and calm the mind.
  • «Each asana has a function; the important thing is to practice them with the right intention “.

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