ill explain what phoebe dynevors italian fringe is

I’ll explain what Phoebe Dynevor’s Italian fringe is

Sumary of I’ll explain what Phoebe Dynevor’s Italian fringe is:

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  • And how to tell this Italian fringe, which we would say is more a prerogative of the branché style of the French ones?
  • The coordinates are all there for the new way of defining the slightly disheveled, capricious, casual bangs that until yesterday we called curtain bangs, or curtain bangs wispy, remember?
  • To you, beautiful and well packaged, the latest hair trend named by a star: the extraordinary full Italian fringe, already the hottest of autumn 2022.
  • Effortless chic and inspired by the 60s, but with a little body, movement and texture to give a relaxed feeling (like the sexy pose the actress takes for the shot posted on Instagram).
  • There is no doubt that he is cute, but that he is typically Italian we have some doubts.
  • Just an English word, a wink at some commonplace that is familiar, a star and a shot posted on Instagram.

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