jill biden the beauty look to pay homage to queen elizabeth

Jill Biden, the beauty look to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth

Sumary of Jill Biden, the beauty look to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth:

  • Jill Biden and her husband Joe along with Sir Tony Johnstone-Burt at Buckingham Palace.
  • Jill Biden arrived in London with her husband Joe to attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.
  • Jill Biden in London in black and bombshell color The capital of the United Kingdom is today at the center of the news for the event of the century: the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.
  • (Photo by MARKUS SCHREIBERPOOLAFP via Getty Images) With a straight black dress with a below-the-knee hem, ultra-sheer stockings and suede pumps, the 71-year-old wife of the US president sports the usual layered cut in a very light and bright blonde shade.
  • The first lady stepped out of Air Force One in total black, but she was immediately noticeable for her bombshell-colored hair.
  • (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKIAFP via Getty Images) With short, perfectly oval nails painted in clear pink nail polish and with the bezel in white
  • Minimal and bon ton manicure The Dynasty-style hair combined with minimal make-up with nude pink lipstick, is the look also chosen for the visit to the Lancaster House in London.

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