low toned arms the most innovative firming treatments

Low-toned arms: the most innovative firming treatments

Sumary of Low-toned arms: the most innovative firming treatments:

  • Like the steel ones of the Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz As summer approaches, the desire to wear a low-cut and sleeveless dress – like the last one worn by the Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz, a sculptor in green sleeveless – takes over any hesitation.
  • Of biostimulation This is the case of the new Ibsa hyaluronic acid filler, a hybrid form supported by clinical studies that have validated its effect on mild-moderate laxity.
  • Once the needle is inserted into the skin, the product is released into the deepest layer of the dermis, at the junction with the adipose tissue of the subcutis.
  • If all this is not enough to solve or mitigate the problem, you can resort to aesthetic medicine, which in recent years has made great strides also with regard to the most delicate areas of the body.
  • The protocol provides for two sessions like the one described, to be carried out at a distance of thirty days from each other.
  • The causes can be of a genetic, metabolic and hormonal nature, and cause a slowdown in the metabolism of fibroblasts that produce less collagen and elastin fibers with an increasingly delayed cell turnover.
  • But above all as a consequence of a qualitative improvement of the fabrics.

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