Matteo Berrettini against the prejudices of beauty

Sumary of Matteo Berrettini against the prejudices of beauty:

  • Desired by the world of fashion, and now also the testimonial of a beauty brand, Head & Shoulders, Matteo has never let himself be scratched by prejudices and, in addition to being the best Italian tennis player ever, has managed to normalize his beauty.
  • A voluminous toupee secured with 20 hair clips that he was always afraid of losing.
  • The toupee used in the field by the great André Agassi will remain proverbial, of which he openly talks in the book «Open: An Autobiography».
  • Certainly the same cannot be said of Matteo Berrettini, to whom Mama Claudia passed on thick and wavy hair, difficult to tame: “On the pitch, I wear a hat and the problem is solved at the source”.
  • Not only because for him strength and determination, on and off the pitch, come from the important goals he has set himself, from being honest and from an extra I love you said to the people who matter, but because behind his charm undisputed hide the normal routines to which we all have to adapt in some way.
  • In 2021 he played a historic final at Wimbledon against Djokovic, and this year he won the Queen , the prestigious ATP 500 tournament in London, leaving behind his hand injury.
  • There are still the US Open to play, but perhaps what makes him such a fascinating athlete is above all the grace of those who love what he does, having fun.

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