meghan markle and her not feeling sexy during pregnancy so common to many women

Meghan Markle and her “not feeling sexy during pregnancy” so common to many women

Sumary of Meghan Markle and her “not feeling sexy during pregnancy” so common to many women:

  • A feeling common to many women and which has very specific reasons, as explained by the psychotherapist and sexologist Adele Fabrizi, teacher and supervisor of the Institute of Clinical Sexology in Rome and member of the Steering Committee of the Italian Federation of Scientific Sexology.
  • There are those who, during pregnancy, experience a real “enhancement” of sexual activity and those who, on the other hand, overwhelmed by fatigue, fears and stress, just don’t want to hear about sensuality.
  • «It must be said that from the point of view of intimate relationships, conjugal sexuality can represent an important element that helps to confirm the continuity and solidity of the emotional bond.
  • “Pregnancy can be considered as a moment of crisis, of transition: a kind of bridge between the past and the future,” explains Fabrizi.
  • And the nine months of gestation represent the time necessary for the two partners to learn to contain the presence of a third element which is the child, who was previously only fantasized but then becomes real ».
  • On the other hand, the man may be even less eager towards his partner because he sees her distracted and particularly absorbed by this pregnancy event and she can interpret this decrease in the desire of the partner as due to the fact that she has become less attractive herself.
  • «In particular, the expectation of the first child activates transformations also within the couple: one stops being a simple married couple to acquire the role of parents.

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