monkey pox when can it be lethal

Monkey pox: when can it be lethal?

Sumary of Monkey pox: when can it be lethal?:

  • Although the disease is usually milder than human smallpox, it can still be fatal.
  • The man had landed on the Caribbean island on August 15th with some friends for a period of vacation but began to experience the first symptoms after two days, a sign that he had probably been infected in Italy.
  • Although the skin lesions that occurred in humans in the previous days would not leave too many doubts: the Cuban Ministry of Health actually explained that “during the examination, skin lesions were identified that clinically lead to suspicion of Monkeypox”.
  • The disease begins with fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, back pain, extreme fatigue and significant lymph node edema straddling the rash, that is, before, during or after.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, infections with the type of monkeypox virus identified in this 2022 outbreak, Clade IIb as it was renamed by WHO, linked to the strain widespread in West Africa, are rarely fatal.
  • From a heart attack that required hospitalization in intensive care.
  • For now, we remain generic, waiting to receive specific information from the Cuban authorities related to the autopsy and the investigations of the case.

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