shiseido the party for its 150th anniversary in venice

Shiseido, the party for its 150th anniversary in Venice

Sumary of Shiseido, the party for its 150th anniversary in Venice:

  • The virtuoso soprano Simona Rais, flanked by an orchestra of 60 elements conducted by maestro Francesco
  • Here, among the soft lights of candles, long tables set up and embraced by the frescoes of the Veronese School, the over 200 guests took part in an exclusive dinner curated by the three-star chef Massimiliano Alajmo.
  • Among the well-known faces present, Belén Rodriguez, Cecilia Rodriguez, Giulia De Lellis, Paola Turani, Valentina Zenere just to name a few who, at the end of the courses, were able to attend an extraordinary performance by the Aria group, an exciting event within the event.
  • To sweeten the palate, then the spectacular cake of the well-known pastry chef Ernst Knam.
  • Shiseido has chosen the evocative setting of Venice, illuminated by the spotlights of the Venice Film Festival, to celebrate its 150th anniversary.
  • Bossaglia, in fact performed a touching tribute to great cinema, at home here in the Lagoon.

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