skin with sun damage after summer how to run for cover

Skin with sun damage after summer: how to run for cover

Sumary of Skin with sun damage after summer: how to run for cover:

  • Yet, the skin can also hide some dermatological damage.
  • Green light, therefore, to active ingredients such as anti-aging vitamin E, lightening and depigmenting vitamin C associated with selenium, flavonoids, carotenoids and beta-carotene.
  • The right skin care after the sun: vitamins The beauty routine after sun holidays must include some changes.
  • “Even if the exposures have not been frequent, UV rays affect the skin structure because they favor the production of pro-oxidant molecules, or free radicals that damage the support structures and affect cellular DNA”, explains the chemist.
  • Solar damage to the skin: how to stimulate cell turnover Even if the damage caused by the sun is irreversible, it is possible to help the skin to renew every element that composes it.
  • These active ingredients repair damaged cells and help them renew themselves over time ».
  • “Solar screens should not be archived because in September the solar radiation continues to be intense and, without adequate protection, the damage taken during the holiday is bound to increase” continues Pifano.

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