take note of the new unisex cut of the summer the shullet

Take note of the new unisex cut of the summer: the shullet

Sumary of Take note of the new unisex cut of the summer: the shullet:

  • Both scaled and parades, the first comes from the Eighties, the second from the Seventies and in common they not only have the rocker and rebellious style, but also the fact that they are two absolutely unisex haircuts.
  • «Due to its versatility and its light texture, the shullet goes well with most faces.
  • Shullet in his and her version How to make it perfect even for male faces (think of the singer Irama)?
  • I mean that it is a challenging look, which inevitably draws attention, so perhaps not the best for those who like to go unnoticed ».
  • «The shullet has all the characteristics of a naturally androgynous hairstyle, therefore able to work indifferently on both a male and female face.
  • And here we are with the most important question: to whom does he give and to whom not?
  • More suitable for wavy or curly hair, rather than straight, it should always be artfully lightened in volumes in order to enhance the natural soul of the hair.

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