That dangerous myth of the “tight vagina”

Sumary of That dangerous myth of the “tight vagina”:

  • The hymen is indeed a membrane that partially covers the external opening of the vagina, but its laceration or deterioration does not at all determine the sexual integrity of a woman, at most since it is not a film covering the vaginal canal.
  • This is why the examination of the integrity of the hymen, verified with the blood test after the wedding night is not the only virginity test that exists: there is also that of the two fingers, in which one they insert index and middle fingers into the vagina to ascertain laxity of the vaginal wall.
  • A topic that is still relevant today, and on which there is still so much disinformation, that it prompted the influencer journalist Sophia Smith Galer to write the book Losing It: Sex Education for the 21st Century, published by Harper Collins.
  • A book in which, among other things, it is then explained that the diameter of a woman’s vaginal canal reveals nothing about her previous sexual behavior.
  • The myth of vaginal tension is based in part, in fact, also on how little
  • Perhaps it is also the fault of the nomenclature, which so far has been misleading: definitions such as ‘vaginal canal’ suggest that it is a tube, when in reality the vaginal muscular system is more like a sock with folds and ridges that allow it to expand and withdraw.
  • It is also perpetuated in pornography, where “tight vagina” is one of the most sought after categories.

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