the 10 things to do immediately after the lip filler

The 10 things to do immediately after the lip filler

Sumary of The 10 things to do immediately after the lip filler:

  • «The type of filler used is also fundamental, to be chosen on the basis of the intervention.
  • A treatment, therefore, that does not seem to know crises, but the volumetric increase «Sometimes there are very evident asymmetries, congenital defects, the presence of scars that you want to correct.
  • In other cases, however, the goal is to recover the turgor lost with age: no distortion, in short, but a retouch in the right places to restore three-dimensionality to the lips, restore definition to the contours and smooth the bar code “, explains Professor Antonino Di Pietro, director of the Dermoclinical Institute “And then there are also those who resort to fillers to moisturize their lips because they have problems with dryness and cracking: since hyaluronic acid has hygroscopic properties, that is, it retains l water is ideal for this purpose ».
  • Lip filler was one of the most requested aesthetic medicine treatments during and after the pandemic and is increasingly popular even among millennials, thanks to the trends cleared on social media by influencers and VIPs.
  • If you want to bring a slight turgor, only intervene on the contours, for example to accentuate the Cupid’s arch or minimize perioral fine lines, you need a hyaluronic acid
  • Recently, the Flow Lip is also particularly popular, a softer treatment than the classic Ada Summer Getty Images “An experienced professional immediately understands the right amount of hyaluronic acid Using too much filler can lead to complications such as blood vessel compression, excessive stretching of the tissues, the migration of the filler upwards ”, explains the expert.
  • Or to the dermatologist, it is important to remember that this type of treatment requires a very careful study of the individual physiognomic characteristics in order not to distort the harmony of the face.

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