the hills of camellias

The hills of camellias

Sumary of The hills of camellias:

  • This integrated biological control protocol earned the Gaujacq agro laboratory the certification of Haute Valeur Environnementale (High Environmental Value).
  • Unrepeatable is the right adjective to describe Chanel’s garden-workshop in Gaujacq.
  • Located in the French department of Landes, in the South West of France, in the ultra green Béarn hills due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, it boasts the ideal microclimate for growing camellias.
  • Since then, the garden of Gaujacq has become an atelier of botany, sustainable agriculture and open-air technology, in which the flowers are collected one by one, analyzed and frozen in order to preserve their phytoactive properties intact.
  • Not only that, over the years, experimental agro-ecological cultivation techniques that respect the environment have been developed that do not involve the use of chemical pesticides, but of plants and herbs that cooperate against insects and diseases for the preservation of the ecosystem.
  • But the intuition to transform the botanical conservatory into a real laboratory dates back to 1998 thanks to the collaboration of the maison with Jean Thoby, one of the leading experts on camellias.

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