the lip filler is chosen according to the personality

The lip filler is chosen according to the personality

Sumary of The lip filler is chosen according to the personality:

  • As with the skin, the lips also undergo the effect of the action of time over the years, which compromises their appearance.
  • The aligners did not discourage requests for lip fillers.
  • Blemishes that contribute to making the face appear more tired With their shape, the lips communicate something of themselves and are expressive signs of the personality.
  • The lip filler is chosen based on the personality Ibsa Derma, the dermoaesthetics division of Ibsa Farmaceutici, has created the EgoLips protocol which includes a series of useful guidelines for doctors and which simplify the dialogue with the patient to understand what type of shape aim.
  • According to data from the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (Sime), in 2021 the retouching procedures are very much felt by women compared to other areas of the face, and have a strong emotional charge.
  • To use the correct procedure to obtain a certain type of shape.
  • They are the seat of emotions but also indicate the ability to communicate through facial expressions, an important aspect of identity.

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