the misconceptions about metabolism that are best reconsidered

The misconceptions about metabolism that are best reconsidered

Sumary of The misconceptions about metabolism that are best reconsidered:

  • The basal metabolism represents the body’s energy expenditure for all its vital functions – explains Dr. Maria Paola Zampella, Nutritionist Biologist at Humanitas Medical Care in Monza – Cells, tissues and organs carry out their activities through energy provided by food.
  • The fault – it is said – is the metabolism that slows down over the years.
  • The sum of the energy expended for basal consumption, for food-induced thermogenesis and physical activity constitutes the energy expenditure.The energy taken with food is used to create new tissues, repair damaged ones, protect the body and for many other functions ».
  • In fact, there are those who can count on a “fast” metabolism that tends to transform food into energy more quickly, and those who instead have a “slow” metabolism, which means that it takes longer to complete this transformation.
  • The speed, or rather the efficiency in the management of processes, of the metabolism is reflected above all on how much a person is able to lose weight or not.
  • At night the metabolism slows down “Yes, at night there is a physiological and necessary slowdown in body functions – explains the nutritionist biologist – aimed at implementing certain detoxification and synthesis processes of some molecules, including cholesterol”.
  • In fact, this term indicates the complex set of all those physiologically determined biochemical processes that allow us to transform what we eat into energy.

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