volumizing lips with toothpaste the viral trend on tiktok

Volumizing lips with toothpaste, the viral trend on TikTok

Sumary of Volumizing lips with toothpaste, the viral trend on TikTok:

  • Although Huda Beauty was one of the first to suggest applying toothpaste on the lips to get an instant volume effect, in reality this beauty hack could be quite damaging.
  • Toothpaste on the lips, the new beauty trend on TikTok On the social network there are certainly tutorials to increase the volume of the lips without resorting to injectable fillers.
  • A new beauty hack, however, is rampant on TikTok, where to give the mouth a more turgid appearance, toothpaste would be applied on the lips, before the lipstick.
  • A trend that does not tend to diminish – also thanks to characters like the Kardashians – lip fillers are among the most popular surgical procedures among women.
  • The latest hack – which has already gone viral – is the one proposed by Bustle but initially attempted by the user @feliciamaariemakeup.

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