We are made of dreams

Sumary of We are made of dreams:

  • What we experience in reality and in dreams depends on the set of these activations.
  • “There are those areas that process faces, those that determine movement, those that process color or emotions.
  • What we know for sure, however, is that in that fraction of time in which the sleeping mind is reactivated and transports us to the dream universe, we free ourselves from the constraints of logic, the need for control, the dictates of rationality.
  • At the moment we only know that our dream experience depends on the set of these small awakenings that take place in different parts of the brain “.
  • “It is rather thought that this ability is linked to the shutdown system of the frontal region of the brain, the one that supervises everything and that, once offline, leaves other areas free to reinterpret reality and create new connections without logical reasoning.
  • What we still don’t know, however, is why and by what criteria some parts of the mind awaken during the night.
  • Let go of all you know, MORYSETTA But, exactly, where do dreams come from?

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