what is collective mourning and why manifesting it can help us

What is “collective mourning” and why manifesting it can help us

Sumary of What is “collective mourning” and why manifesting it can help us:

  • “There is a lot of anger for colonized people, and it is justified and valid – explains Megan Devine, psychotherapist and author of the book It’s Okay You’re Not Well – you can’t celebrate the queen without considering her as a whole.
  • ” In fact, collective pain overlaps a huge number of experiences: however, living mourning within a community can have its beneficial effects even when one’s relationship with the deceased is complicated for historical, personal or political reasons.
  • We feel so uncomfortable telling the whole truth about a person, especially after death.
  • A change that for some may perhaps even be positive and for others, a huge amount of people, produces a mixture of negative feelings.
  • And while people may have different and conflicting views on the monarchy or what the UK did or did not do during her reign, “we can probably all relate to the feeling of an end of an era, or times of change” .
  • Still others are silent but perhaps intimately still experience that complicated feeling of “collective mourning” in a contrasting and depressing way.
  • With respect to the queen’s death, for example, what occurs is a kind of common acknowledgment of the change.

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