world vitiligo day what it is and what is known

World Vitiligo Day, what it is and what is known

Sumary of World Vitiligo Day, what it is and what is known:

  • To date, it affects about 1% of the world population regardless of sex, age or ethnicity.
  • Sun and protection, the two allies of vitiligo The sun is a great ally of vitiligo: “It has been shown how exposure, in appropriate times and ways, can help stimulate the production of melanin, playing a certain therapeutic role”, he explains Dr. Sinagra.
  • “Vitiligo (or vitiligo) is a disease that involves the epidermal organ Instagram @ kasiasmutniak” It can occur at any age, including childhood, but it begins more frequently between 10 and 40 years “, explains Dr. Jo Linda Maria Sinagra, dermatologist of MioDottore.
  • As the experts explain: “It is a disease about which little is known about yet.” The difference between the two types lies in the distribution of the patches: “If the lesions develop only on one side of the body, usually on the limbs, it is segmental vitiligo.
  • “But without the proper precautions, the skin gets burned,” she echoes

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