PETA launches $1million prize for finding vegan alternative to wool

Sumary of PETA launches $1million prize for finding vegan alternative to wool:

  • But, animal rights organisation PETA believes the production of wool promotes unneccesary cruelty to sheep and also contributes to the climate crisis via methane gas emission, soil erosion and the contamination of waterways.
  • From flowers and fruit to hemp and soya beans, options are limitless when it comes to creating animal-free clothing and accessories, says PETA Vice President for Europe Mimi Bekhechi.
  • PETA says it has documented cruelty to sheep in 117 wool operations worldwide, revealed in 15 exposés that found that even on farms marketed as sustainable and responsible, workers beat, stamped on, cut up, and slit the throats of conscious, struggling sheep.
  • By way of response the US arm of PETA has this week launched the Vegan Wool Challenge, which will award US$1 million (approximately £850,600) to the first entrant who develops a vegan wool material that visually, texturally, and functionally akin or superior to sheep wool and is adopted and sold by a major clothing brand.

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