Fendi announces a “special fashion show” in New York in September

Sumary of Fendi announces a “special fashion show” in New York in September:

  • But thanks to its popularity with celebrities, it went down in history as fashion’s first it bag.
  • Following Tommy Hilfiger’s return to the New York runway, another big event is expected in the Big Apple in the fall.
  • With its elongated, rectangular shape and mini strap, it was considered eccentric at the time.
  • Fendi announced that the American Fashion Week will last until April 14.
  • Later in September, the Rome luxury house, which is owned by LVMH, will, as usual, present the Kim Jones-designed women’s SpringSummer 2023 collection during Milan Fashion Week, the company says.
  • In a post on its Instagram page showing a campaign featuring Linda Evangelista wearing a silver baguette model, the brand simply explains that it is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its iconic bag and Kim Jones’ two-year artistic direction of womenswear and fashion will celebrate couture.

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